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When Indian football Team resently won SAFF Championship Did you get the news?

India Won SAFF Championship in January

Indian Football Team gave our nation the best new year gift after defeating Afghanistan in the final but nobody seemed to notice. Nothing changed and Indian Football was again ignored like always. Soon after India won the match there was an attack on Indian embassy in Afghanistan some news channels showed that news as Breaking news but forgot to mention Indian football even when they had an excuse to share the good news.

Maybe Indian team winning the SAFF Championship was not such a great news but they prevented Afghanistan from becoming the champions forever, Afghanistan was playing there last SAFF Cup and after this, they were moving to another new Federation with Asian giant like Iran. But news channels would rather show a negative news to fill their viewers with disappointment and make them think bad about their own country than showing a news which would at least put a little bit of pride in their faces.

Indian football needs a big boost and our television media can do that, they should not ignore football and any other sport for that matter, everyone knows we can do it but the team needs support. They need someone to look up to when they are tired, they need a little bit of appreciation, maybe a little bit of criticism, something that can motivate them to give their all.

If you love football then go ahead and show your support, but keep one thing in mind, support European teams or any team in the world but remember, you are an Indian first and Indian football needs your support more than any other team in the world. Want to see Indian football team in FIFA World cup anytime soon then do your bit.

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