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Pokemon Go returns with Amazing new Pokemons and the world could go crazy again

Pokemon Go has returned with lots of new exciting Pokemon and features. The new Pokemon Go app would be called The Pokemon Gen 2 and Beyond.  Last year it blew onto the scene and took the world by storm and maybe now we will witness that craziness again.

Now let's talk about new things that have been added to the new Pokemon Go Gen 2 update.

New Pokemons


The second generation of Pokemons have been added to Pokemon go. And now everybody might have access to new Pokemon regardless of their region.

Now there's more chance of you Catching a Pokemon

The probability of you catching a Pokemon in your first attempt is now high which means you would be spending more time catching a Pokemon.

Pokemon will Try to evade from you

 Yup this might make it a little harder for you to catch a Pokemon but now it looks natural that the Pokemon would attempt to escape through moving around more.

A Breeding feature could be added to the game 

Now, this is something which is hinted by a visible gender next to the health bar of a Pokemon and could lead to something in future.

New Moves have been added


It will make fighting a little more interesting, even though some new moves are not equivalent to the old ones but people will get used to it. Further, the next generation pokemons can learn moves that were not available to them in the previous generation.

Evolution Items are here

These are the items you would sometimes need to evolve your Pokemon but these are pretty rare and you might need to travel to get them. 

Most of us thought that Pokemon Go is gone forever but now it looks like it is here to stay, It would be interesting to see if the old fans return to this game again and maybe we could see a lot more people playing it this time.


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